Hopes and Fears: No Game, No Life Zero

dywrmFinally, we have some news about the upcoming No Game No Life movie!

You have no idea how happy I was when I stumbled on the teaser trailer for this film. Unfortunately, it is in Japanese (Well, duh) and I can’t seem to locate an official translation. Still, I nearly burst into tears when I watched it.

Not only have I watched the anime, but I am reading the original light novel series. I say reading as each volume takes its sweet time getting here. The downside of being an Otaku in Scotland, we have limited legal anime streaming and it takes an extra month or so for DVDs, Mangas and Light Novels to be released here after they are released in the US. It really sucks.

The kanji reads “Well, let’s start playing.”

Rant aside, I glad we finally have some news about this film. According to Anime News Network, the original cast are returning for their roles. That is a good sign.

No Game, No Life Zero is due to be released this month in Japan, but there is no information regarding if and when it will be available in the west. I just hope it is soon, I have waited so long for a continuation of the anime!

If you don’t mind, I want to discuss my hopes and fears for No Game, No Life Zero


I hope No Game, No Life Zero doesn’t recap the series for newcomers. It would suck if the majority of this film was just repeating what we have already seen. The anime came out three years ago, we have had more than enough time to catch up on the story.

I hope it gets streamed on Crunchyroll as soon as possible. There are a lot of Japanese films I really want to see, such as Death Note: Light Up the New World, I am a Hero and the Assassination Classroom live action film but I haven’t found a way to stream them, let alone legally. Considering that Crunchyroll streams the anime, it would make sense to stream No Game, No Life Zero via the service as well.


Outside of this film never getting an official western release, I only have one concern. I fear that No Game, No Life Zero will conflict with the series lore and story.

You see, The anime was a very faithful adaptation of the Light Novel, but according to Crunchyroll, the story of the film is set over 6,000 years before the novel’s main story. That makes no sense to me.

Unless they are making a second series I don’t see the need for a deviation from the story. I am really confused about this development and want answers, but alas at the time of writing I can’t find any.

ee255063b56b5ae3ca9f74d65f08a1edWith all that being said, I have high hopes for No Game, No Life Zero. Like I said earlier, I am a die-hard fan of this series. If you haven’t seen the No Game, No Life anime, check it out. It is amazing. Better yet, read the Light Novel! It levels into more detail regarding Sora and Shiro’s background than the anime does.

I’m probably going to rewatch the anime in preparation for this film, I just wish that more info comes out soon. So remember, we do not stop playing games because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

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  1. In terms of the 6000 years before thing I don’t think we have to worry, from what ive read this is aapparently following one of the light novels, probably the one right after the anime ended, and is set to be a continuation of the story but it’s also about the great war that had been mentioned numerous times throughout the show.
    Unfortunately there is a fair chance it’ll have a recap, I just hope it’s not as bad as the Accel World movie that was hyping up to be an original story but movie-goers were sideswiped with an unadvertised recap that took up over an hour of the movie leaving about a regular episode’s length worth od new stuff. However that did seem to be a rare case, I just thought it was worth noting and also it is worrying how much tv show footage they used in the trailer.

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    1. I am on the fourth novel and there hasn’t been any time change, but maybe that will be in a later volume.

      I agree with you on the trailer, I’m guessing they want to keep the new footage a secret. It makes sense, you don’t want to tip your hand, and it is just a teaser.


      1. Had a little look and it appears to be volume 6 of the novels that does this. And I hope that’s all it is in regards to the footage. Only time will tell. 😛

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