Top five unappreciated Christmas films

We all have those holiday classics we watch every December. Whether it is heartwarming tales such as It’s a Wonderful life, comedies like Home Alone or romantic films like

However, for every classic, there is a hidden gem. Films that get unfairly overlooked in favour of the classics. So, I think it is high time to give these movies the attention they deserve. Now, some of these have gotten a fair amount of praise, but not enough in my opinion.

So as we countdown the days until December 25th, let’s countdown the Top Five Unappreciated Christmas films.

  • Arthur Christmastumblr_mdog3g7upi1qc4utoo1_250.gif

This is the only true blue Christmas film on this list, as well as the most recent.

Arthur Christmas follows the title character Arthur, a member of the Claus family, as he tries to make sure a child gets their Christmas present.

When I say that this is a good family film, I don’t mean that it is a family film, well it is, but I mean that this is a fantastic film about family. The way the characters interact, fight and play off each other is not only adorable but fairly accurate if perhaps a tad simplified.

Like the rest of Ardman’s films, it is sweet and charming. If you are in a sentimental mood, consider watching this movie.

  • giphy-7Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

While this film has started to become a bit of a cult classic, I think it has earned its spot here on this list.

What do you get when you have a thief in the guise of an actor, and actress and a Private Eye tied up in a murder mystery? Black comedy gold! So, coal then?

Jokes aside, this is an awesome film. This is almost the textbook definition of black comedy.

  • tumblr_mzhg6uyKSg1r2aobgo1_250.gifIn Bruges

If Die Hard and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang count as Christmas films, then so does In Bruges.

In Bruges is another black comedy, this time about two hitmen in hiding waiting for their boss after they royally screw up.

With laughs, guilt and no Christmas cheer whatsoever. Still, this is a great movie that you need to watch if you haven’t already.

  • anigif_original-grid-image-4729-1419312223-4.gifThe Ref

Back to the proper Christmas films. Kind of.

A robber takes a family falling apart hostage during a heist on Christmas eve. He inadvertently ends up becoming a couples counsellor.

In my less than humble opinion, this is the funniest film on this list as well as the most overlooked. If you get the chance, check it out.

  • DontYouDare.gifTokyo Godfathers

God, this film is amazing.

Tokyo Godfathers is about three homeless people: a teenage girl, a bum and a transgender woman,living on the streets of Japan during Chirstmas. They stumble on a baby in the trash and decide to try to take the little guy home.

The fact that this film was made by the guy behind Perfect Blue was enough to convice me to watch Tokyo Godfathers, and it really is something special. The characters really make this film a unique experince. It is an interesting film that you need to watch this holiday season.


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