Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Review

batman-return-of-the-caped-crusaders-2016-movie-posterHoly 60s camp classic, Batman!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. The joke is a meme at this point, just let me have this one. Let’s talk about this film, shall we?

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is the latest animated DC movie. While DCs live action movies aren’t doing so well at the moment, they are pumping out some awesome animated ones! If you feel let down by Suicide Squad, watch Assault on Arkham. You will love it.

Right off the bat (HA!) I have to admit that I had really high expectations for this film. Not only have the other animated DC films been really good, but I love the 60s Batman live action show. So, did this film meet my expectations?


batman.pngDon’t get me wrong. This is a good film, but I guess I got caught up in the hype. I think part of the appeal of the 60s live action show is that they looked and acted like cartoon characters, like the Princess Bride.

Frankly, you can tell whether or not you will like this film within the first five minutes. If you don’t can’t stand the cheese then get out of the dairy aisle. If you have seen the original series, you pretty much know what is going to happen.

Maybe this is just me, but the main storyline they took (which I can’t talk about, spoilers) is one of my most hated cliches in any media. That one element is what dampened my experience for this film. I know it sounds petty, but I have to be honest. That is just my personal gripe with Return of the Caped Crusaders. It really bugs me, even more, when I realise just how much I love everything else about this movie!

batman1The animation is so fluid and colourful with smooth lines. The sound design is great and oh my god, the references! They even reference the three women who have played Catwoman over the years! I laughed so hard at that scene.I love cheese, so the alliteration and BatPSAs were a joy to watch. Oh boy, the fight scenes are my favourite parts, the camp levels are over 9,000.

Also, getting to hear Adam West as Batman just made me so happy. Burt Ward as Robin was also great to hear. The award for MVP has to go to Julie Newmar as Catwoman, she steals the show every time she stars in a scene.

batIt is pretty obvious this movie was made for long time fans. If you didn’t like the TV series, you are going to hate this. Otherwise, you will get a kick out of Return of the Caped Crusaders. I failed to mention this, but all the characters made the translation from live action to animation flawlessly, even the ones who were not voiced by their original actors which is pretty impressive.

The only issue I have is the story, which in fairness is a matter of personal taste rather than a glaring problem. Again, I get how stupid it must sound but this type of storyline really gets under my skin.

In fact, A sequel is in the works, with William Shatner starting as Two-Face. Yes! Oh God, sign me up! That sounds perfect to me. Think about it, it makes perfect sense. Apparently, it will be released in 2017. While this film let me down a little, I am looking forward to this sequal.

I do recommend this film, I just prefer Assault on Arkham.


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