New Obsession: Pokémon Moon

703a7d6714f94e9ab386e36f0f08935cIt is finally here! After the long wait, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are finally available in the UK! It’s times like this I hate living in Scotland, we get anime and video games way later than the US. It really blows.

As you might have guessed from the title of this ramble, I chose Moon. I picked up my copy on the release date, and have been playing it non-stop since.

Side note, If you don’t know both games play in real time but in Moon, time is reversed. If you play during the day, it is night in the game and vice versa. It makes no sense to me at all.

I am going to be honest, I suspect some of my fondness for this game is because of my rose-tinted nostalgia goggles. Pokémon was one of the first real video games I ever played, so this franchise is near and dear to my heart. Heck, I still play Pokémon GO!

All jokes aside, Pokémon Moon is exactly what I wanted. A simple but fun game with cute creatures, likeable characters and  dripping with charm.

08d567f3c2bdcbcc808ae2ee6a185c7bea5daafc_hqFor the record, I chose Litten as my starter. I have heard people online saying that its final evolution is stupid. I disagree, I think it looks kinda cool, a tad silly but I like it.

Speaking of silly, what is the deal with Team Skull?  In previous games, the antagonistic teams tend to have at least some degree of intimidation. Team Skull? Not a trace, at least with the grunts. I haven’t gotten to any of the higher ups yet. To be fair, they do make me laugh.

Normally I don’t care for the rivals in Pokémon games, Hau is an exception. He is a wee ray of sunshine. I want to cuddle that cutie! Lillie and the Professor are fine, but Hau and his grandfather steal the show when they show up. Hau’s enthusiasm is contagious, I swear.

The best new addition to the mechanics of the game has to be the ability to care for your pokémon after every battle, called Pokémon refresh. You could do this in previous games, sure. However now it serves a better purpose in the game. Instead of just improving the bond between you and your buddies, grooming them heals things like paralysis. You don’t need to do this, but it is nice that the game gives you the option.

tumblr_o85cvd8stx1qaywrho1_500I love the Hawaii-inspired setting. It makes a lot of sense in terms of the story. In other Pokémon games, I found it weird that the protagonist doesn’t know the basics of pokémon training despite growing up with them, and that they need to be told what to do. However, since the protagonist has moved to a new country, it makes a lot of sense. Not to mention that the new designs for the pokémon centres and some pokémon help keep the series fresh.

I can not put this game down. Admittedly I spend more time goofing around in the game rather that continuing the story. If you haven’t picked up your copy, what are you waiting for! Get it now!



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