Confessions of a (former) Overwatch Hater

f76757b90687236dd5dee7b506f7c202When Overwatch first came out, I was not impressed.  I am a long time fan of Team Fortress Two and believed that Overwatch would pale in comparison. Not to mention that I was put off by the intense fandom, and that is saying something as I am a part of the brony community!

I hated this game and the fandom without giving it a try and for that, I apologise.

Last weekend Overwatch was free, so I decided to give it a go. Now, I have to admit that I went in with an extreme bias. I thought I was gonna hate it, but it surprised me. After playing the game for myself I now get why this game is so popular.

The rapid action gameplay makes even the quickest of matches a ton of fun. Also, each character has their own unique skills and abilities. This gives you so many different options and chances are you will find a character that matches your play style.

During the free weekend, I pretty much played it non-stop. I mostly played as Hanzo and D.Va but I did dabble in other heroes. I even managed to get Play of the Game!


Play of the game.jpg
I am so proud of this!


tumblr_o7086xfwee1v46zuyo1_400Admittedly the gameplay wasn’t the reason I avoided Overwatch. The main reason I avoided this game for so long is because of a personal bias I have had for a while.

You see, if a game (or any kind of media, for that matter) comes across to me as trying too hard to be PC, I avoid it like the black plague. I hate it.

There are some pretty decent games out there that I won’t touch for this very reason. They tend to have this vibe that they put more time and effort into making the game PC rather than making a good game.  Even then someone is going to be offended by the finished product. You can’t make everyone happy.

In fact, if a game is tagged ‘female protagonist’ on Steam I immediately lose interest. I don’t care if I play as a male character, if the game is fun then I am gonna play it. Simple as that.


I want to ask long time fans of this game a question. If this game had a less diverse roster of characters, would it have become as popular as the version we have? If all the characters were men like in Team Fortress Two, would it have made a difference?

Do not get me wrong, I like this game. I like it more than I thought I would have. It’s fun, and that is all I really ask from a game. I have been converted from a hater into a fan. I regret not giving Overwatch a fair shot earlier.

Will I buy it? Eh, maybe. I’m pretty broke at the moment and I don’t think I can afford it. It is currently going for £29.99 but if I can find a copy cheaper somewhere then I might get pick it up.

Having said that, my heart still belongs to Team Fortress Two.

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