Hopes and Fears: Rick and Morty Season Three

My  reaction to the last episode

Adult Swim, why are you doing this to us? Why did you create this amazing show, end the second season like that and announce that you have finished but not telling us when Rick and Morty will finally return? How dare you!

All jokes aside, Rick and Morty is one of the best adult cartoons I have seen in quite some time. The show is dripping with creativity, charm, and wit. The tone can do an 180 turn in a matter of seconds, starting off with a crude joke to a heartbreaking moment. Everything about is amazing. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! You know what, stop reading this and log onto Netflix. Watch it now!

Needless to say, I am a big fan of this show. However, I can’t help but worry a little. This series is huge, and so is the hype around Season three. I hope the third season is as good as the rest of the series, yet I am still fearful that it won’t be as good and the previous seasons.

I figured, why not write about by hopes and fears. That might help calm me down while I cry bitter tears waiting for season three.

Hopes giphy (2).gif

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way, I hope season three will be good. Both seasons one and two were amazing. So my expectations for the upcoming season is pretty high.

I hope we get another interdimensional tv episode. In both interdimensional tv episodes, we have seen before they made every joke the premise provided and more, those two are my favourite episodes.

I hope we get to see more of Mr Poopybutthole. I have been reading the Lil’ Poopy Superstar spinoff comics (which are pretty good, I recommend them) and while they might not be cannon it does explain Mr Poopybutthole’s backstory. It made me fall in love with him all over again.


I hope we can learn the secret behind Evil Morty. I have read quite a few theories that are floating around about him.

Speaking of theories, I hope some of them will be addressed in season three. Rick and Morty have left fans with a lot of unanswered questions. Fingers crossed that we get some answers soon.

I know it isn’t going to happen, but I hope we get a crossover with Gravity Falls, even if it is just a reference. The creators of both Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls are good pals, so much so that they have guest starred in each other shows. There have already been several easter eggs from Gravity Falls before, so I hope we get a couple more.


Again, I’m going to start off with the most obvious one. I fear that this season will suffer from the hype of the show. Rick and Morty is unbelievably popular and hype backlash is a real thing which could happen to this insane animation we love.

I fear that people are going to get triggered by the show and complain about it online. Dude, it is an Adult Swim show, what did you expect?

I fear that Rick and Morty has made my existential crisis worse. I know that it is pretty common for people around my age to go through existential crisises but after I started watching this cartoon mine got worse.

200.gifLet me explain.

Rick and Morty deals with themes of mortality, how we are inconsequential, and how life is pointless. Heck, in one episode Rick and Morty die only to be replaced by alternative versions of themselves. To be fair, this show also had a quote that has pretty much become my motto.

“Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s going to die. Come watch TV.”

With all that said and done, I can’t wait for the new season! If it is half as good as the rest of the series, I will be happy. Until then, I’ll be rewatching the show, rereading the comics and using any excuse I can to get riggity riggity wrecked, son!

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

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