Oh…Sir!! Interview

We have an exclusive here today folks!

Kacper Kwiatkowski from Vile Monarch took time out of his busy day of insulting his co-workers to answer some questions about their latest game, Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator. 



1, What is your name and role at Vile Monarch?

Kacper Kwiatkowski, at your service. My primary role is designing that silly game, but if you wish for some fancy naming, I would call myself a director/designer/producer/writer/hovercraft. 

2, Where did the idea for Oh…Sir!! come from?

It’s the Monty Python’s parrot sketch, ma’am! The first version of the game was made during a 42 game jam called amJam, where the topic was “This parrot is no more”. Our take on the topic was to represent the dialogue in game mechanics, and not just writing or graphics. The first iteration of these mechanics was designed in a car we drove to the city where the jam was taking place. But it wasn’t your cousin’s car. 

3, How did the game develop from the original idea?

We got lucky with quickly finding just the right way to express our idea – it took us only a few hours of brainstorming and paper prototyping before we had a core more or less similar to how the game is now. The jam version succeeded in the competition (second place and audience award) we distributed it for free, which made it surprisingly popular. Making “The Insult Simulator” was obvious at that point – it’s basically an improved and expanded remake of the jam game. 

4, Was there any problems that happened while the game was being made?

Oh…Yes! Our remake was meant to be finished in 4 months, but it took us 6. We became more and more ambitious during the development and making a game for several platforms at once turned out to be more of a pain in the bum than we expected. 


5, How do you think the game has been received?

We are more than happy with the reception. It surpasses our guesses both in terms of players’ opinions and… the numbers. Nudge nudge.   

6, YouTubers like Jacksepticeye have already made let’s plays of Oh…Sir!!, how do you feel about that?

It’s nice, innit? But still all of them smell of your beloved auntie and Jack has worse hair than Satan, and you know it’s true! 

7, Why is the game extremely British?

Back to the game jam and its Monty Python topic. I still have a quasi-mindmap where we tried to break down what makes the Python so Monty. There’s huge “FUNNY BRITISH CHAPS” somewhere near the center. 

8, What is your favourite part about Oh…Sir!!?

That you can play as Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, go to “The Afterlife”, meet “Father” whose voice resembles Moran Freeman and say to him “The Meaning of Life smells of demon’s asshole, which is an ancient Chinese secret!”. But seriously, I know the game inside out, played hundreds of hours, but I still laugh seeing some of the combinations. And it’s scientifically proven! 

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