Steam Powered: Trick & Treat and Bloody Walls

Two video game reviews for the price of one! Well, not really, since both of these games are free. Trick & Treat and Bloody Walls. Thank you for the games, steam! Also, Mad Father is now on steam too with new content. Steam, you are a gift that keeps on giving, aren’t you?


Let’s start off with Trick & Treat, a pixel-horror game by Rabbiton.

In Trick and & Treat, you play as a young maid named Amelia, her mistress Miss Charlotte drags her out of the house to go Trick and Treating and they stumble across an odd house.  Miss Charlotte claims that the house just appeared a few day ago.

You and Miss Charlotte enter this house, only to be separated. Amelia has to solve puzzles in order to be reunited with Miss Charlotte.

This game is filled with clever puzzles and genuinely freaky moments balanced with lighthearted scenes. The story is interesting as are the NPC characters you meet on your adventure. The music is also really well done, matching the tone of the game while not taking any focus of the gameplay.

Untitled.pngNeedless to say, as is the case with many pixel-horror games, there are multiple endings. There is a tonne of Halloween and Fairytale elements here, making this game perfect to play this spooky season.

This game is rather short, and the map is a bit on the small side since you play just in a house. Mad Father was also set inside a house yet that map was much bigger. However, these aren’t dealbreakers.

I adore this game. I am so glad that pixel-horror games aren’t dying out. Cute, creepy and oddly charming. Not to mention that it is free to play. If you like games such as Ib, The Witches House and the Mad Father, you will love this game.

On to the next game! Bloody Walls.


Bloody Walls is an 8-bit zombie action game made by L. Stotch. This game is almost the exact opposite of Trick & Treat. Instead of playing a story rich game and solving puzzles, you just run around shooting zombies in the face.

Bloody Walls is a simple game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Quite the opposite, actually. It is an absolute blast to play. Sometimes you just want to rip pixelated zombies a new one, which is exactly what this game lets you do. Also, don’t underestimate this game. While easy on the first couple of levels it gets much more challenging the further you get.

The gameplay is fast paced with great pixel art and gore. The over the top violence in this game adds to its tone. I really like the four-bit style in Bloody Walls, it helps to set it apart from other zombie games.

If I had to voice a complaint about this game, it is that there isn’t a lot of replayability. You don’t really have much of a reason to play it again. Still, this is a fun game that I recommend for your consideration.

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