Resident Evil HD


If you have a PS4 Plus account, you will know that every month you will get a couple of free games. This month, those games are Transformers Devastation and remastered Resident Evil HD.

Confession, I have only played one Resident Evil game, and that was Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS. Even then, I never finished it. So I jumped at the opportunity to play a remastered version of the original game.

This game freaks me out.

When I told one of my mates how much it scared me, he laughed. To be fair, I am a wimp. Hell, I wrote a whole ramble about how much of a wimp I am.

It isn’t the zombies that scare me, it is the suspense. The atmosphere is intense and even foreboding at times. I never truly feel safe while or at peace. I know that at any second a zombie might appear. That keeps me at the edge of my seat. Also the fact that you have limited chances to save really build up the pressure. Everything adds up. You have limited inventory space and only a few bullets.  It is a rather stressful experience.


I feel like such an idiot, because when I first played the game I used up all of my ink ribbons so I couldn’t save. I had to redo everything. I didn’t realise that you needed ink ribbons to save and that there was a limited amount. I felt so embarrassed.

This game is addictive, at least for me. Even when I am not playing it I find myself pondering on how to solve a puzzle.

I already know the story and the ‘twist’ at the end, but I didn’t care. I have heard people talking about this game for years so I felt that I had to play it. While that knowledge does dampen the experience a bit, it doesn’t completely ruin it.

Man, I love this game! I get so mad while I play Resident Evil, but it is a joyful frustration. If you have a PS4  Plus account and haven’t played this game, you have no excuse. Play it now!

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