Steam Powered: Catch Me

Halloween is not just about nightmare fuel, it is also about magic. So, if you will allow me, let me tell you about this magic-filled game that hit steam a few months ago.


Catch Me is a multiplayer strategy game, created by ZuoBuLaiGame. You play as a magician who uses magic and tricks to steal from other magicians to give money to the poor. Think Robin Hood but instead of a bow and arrow you use hypnosis and doves.

You see, the magicians you steal from are other players, and they will try to steal from you. You have to create your own labyrinth and defences to protect your well-stolen loot. The more money you steal, the more you can upgrade your maze, widen your map and buy props to help you in the game. There are also roses you win when you successfully rob and you loose them if you mess up. These roses can be used to upgrade your stats.

Catch Me is a rather simple but extremely fun and challenging experience.No two mazes are the same, and there are plenty of different strategies. It is a game that keeps you on your toes. One misclick or delayed reaction and you will be attacked by guards. The game has a really nice art style

The game has a really nice art style and I really like the music. Both of which add to the oddly charming atmosphere the game presents. You play as a thief, but in such a unique way. In is a nice simple game that is a joy to play.

ss_9a1f009245464cca695e0b3ca27c2906576cfff4-600x338I love this game! I will admit, it is rather infuriating when you nearly completed a heist but you don’t react fast enough and end up losing several props and roses. It is also annoying to log in only to find that you have been robbed. Still, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment when I get away with the loot.

I do have one complaint about the game, but honestly, it is more of a nitpick than anything else. When you complete a heist, whether you succeeded or failed, there is a cutscene in which it tells you how much money you won or how many props and roses you lost.

My problem with this is that while it is presented in a cool way, you can’t skip it. Normally when I win I don’t mind, but I hate being reminded of my failures and not being able to skip when the game almost gloats about my mistakes is just adding insult to injury. That might just be me being oversensitive.

There isn’t much more I can say, this game is simple and sweet. Plus it is under a fiver, which is always a bonus. If you are looking for a magical puzzle game, I recommend Catch Me.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to upgrade my maze. Catch me if you can!

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