Star Trek Voyager Drinking game


giphy (7).gif

Recently have been binge watching Star Trek Voyager nonstop. So much so I decided to create another drinking game. This time for Voyager.

Replicate your favourite alcoholic beverage and have The Doctor on hand with a stomach pump. Cheers!

Take a shot when:

  • Q appears
  • They miss an opportunity to go home
  • Janeway knows more about engineering than her chief engineer
  • Chakotay disagrees with Janeway
  • Tuvok does something Vulcan IE mind melds and nerve pinches
  • The Doctor complains
  • B’Elanna mentions her Klingon heritage
  • Kim falls in love, take another drink if he gets laid

anigif_enhanced-6441-1403271627-14.gifCoffee Bonus round

When coffee is mentioned, drink.

Also, every time a character takes a swig of coffee, take a swig of your drink.

Drink twice if it is someone other than Janeway.

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