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Star Trek Voyager Drinking game


giphy (7).gif

Recently have been binge watching Star Trek Voyager nonstop. So much so I decided to create another drinking game. This time for Voyager.

Replicate your favourite alcoholic beverage and have The Doctor on hand with a stomach pump. Cheers!

Take a shot when:

  • Q appears
  • They miss an opportunity to go home
  • Janeway knows more about engineering than her chief engineer
  • Chakotay disagrees with Janeway
  • Tuvok does something Vulcan IE mind melds and nerve pinches
  • The Doctor complains
  • B’Elanna mentions her Klingon heritage
  • Kim falls in love, take another drink if he gets laid

anigif_enhanced-6441-1403271627-14.gifCoffee Bonus round

When coffee is mentioned, drink.

Also, every time a character takes a swig of coffee, take a swig of your drink.

Drink twice if it is someone other than Janeway.



Growing up, Megan was that one kid at the back of class reading manga. Now, not much has changed except she started a blog. Basically, your typical geek (although she prefers the term Otaku)

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