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New Obsession: Star Trek Timelines


Star-Trek-Timelines-Play-Store-04Take pity on my phone battery, because thanks to Pokémon GO and Star Trek Timelines I am rarely off it!

Star Trek Timelines is an extremely addictive app by Disruptor Beam in which all of the Star Trek universes are mixed together and Q needs your help to fix this mess. Admittedly, I still think he had something to do with it. While this threatens to potentially destroy the universe, it also means you can collect all of your favourite characters as well as different versions of them.

Star Trek Timelines is a strategy game, and a fun one to boot. Each character has different abilities that you can use in away missions. When you level them up they become more useful, on top of that they all have different traits that give you an edge. Then there are factions that you need to side with every now and then.

This game isn’t for the impatient. Unless you are willing to fork over real money, you will have to wait quite a bit.

Did I mention John De Lancie stars in this game? Like I said, Q walks you through most of the game so it makes sense that he greets you when you open up the app. I can never get enough of Q.


I will be honest, I am a bit annoyed with this game. There is one character I really want, Chekov. Yet I keep getting characters I don’t care about. What really gets me is that the time portal (where you get crew members) has Chekov on it. Why do you keep denying me my favourite Russian Ensign?

You can have up to 25 crew members, and I intend to have a TOS crew, but for some reason I mostly have Next Generation characters. At time of writing I have Kirk, Sulu, Spock and Recovering Spock.

You can tell this game is made by fans for fans. I highly recommend this app. It is a ton of fun and filled with references. If you are looking for a good time killer, this will do.



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