Geeky Youtubers you need to check out

Ah, Youtube. How much time have I wasted on this site. From lets plays to anime cracks, I have spent hours binge watching content.

Thing is, there are a lot of great Youtubers out there that don’t seem to get the attention they deserve. I know that I am a tiny blog but even if I can get my favourite channels one new viewer, I’ll be happy.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjPAAAAJGM2ODhiMWNmLWRlYWYtNGY4Mi1iYzRiLTE5ODMzNDAxYWRmNgFirst up is the newest channel I have discovered, Mother’s Basement. Geoff Thew is an analyst and reviewer of anime and video games as well as the occasional movie.

His What’s in an OP? series is something I highly recommend. He analyses details of anime openings that many overlook, myself included. He also makes editorial content, such as one of my favourite videos, Adapt or Die – How Great Manga Becomes Great Anime

I highly recommend his work. With interesting insight and witty commentary, you need to give his channel a chance.


Lily Peet is another analyst I adore. I have been following her work for quite some time.

Lily has been making content since 2009 and she covers a wide array of topics from cartoons, gaming and online culture. She has even called out some toxic elements of the online community and the bullshit in the media. 

On the lighter side, she has a series called In a minute which are light hearted mini reviews. Lily brings a lot of humour to her work which gives her content and edge.

I have so much respect for Lily, and she has been an inspiration on my own content. Consider checking her out.


 Last review channel, I promise!

Glass Reflection is an anime channel hosted by Arkada. Needless to say, he reviews anime.

He reviews anime in a distinct layout that I haven’t seen before as well as an interesting rating system. I for one am sick of the out of ten rating systems. Arkada instead has created his own. Its hard to explain in the written word, vist his channel out if you want to know more.

I don’t know if its the fangirl side of me talking, but Arkada is so charismatic. He brings a lot of charm to his reviews which makes them very enjoyable to watch.

RE Icon 2016

Do you like video games? Do you like music? then you will love Random Encounters.

Random Encounters is a musical channel run by AJ, Peter and Miss Bird, these three create amazing fan musicals for video games. From Fran Bow to Pokémon GO, they have done it all.

My personal favourite song is Determined to the End: An Undertale Song. The number has a Phantom of the Opera feel to it that I adore.

No matter your musical taste, you are sure to find something you like. Next time your waiting for a game to load, try listening to one of their songs.


Last but by no means least is Natewantstobattle.

Nate has made a name for himself by covering anime openings, creating parody songs and original fan songs.

In fact, he has done several videos with Random Encounters.

Misty has been stuck in my head since I first heard it, but out of all of his original songs Let Me Try has to be my favourite. It is filled with references galore and the rock vibe is awesome. His cover of Goya no Machiawase is not to bad either.

These five Youtubers are fantastic and you need to check them out, what are you waiting for? Do it!


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