The five types of anime fans

Anime is like a drug, it will ruin your life if you get addicted.

Since I have been in the anime community for a while, I have spotted a pattern with anime fans. Most people follow a set pattern when it comes to exploring anime and some go further down the rabbit hole than others. Making it relatively easy to separate people in to set groups.

Just before anyone gets offended, this is a lighthearted ramble along the lines of the tag yourself meme. These are the main five that I have spotted, there are plenty of others which might make it onto another ramble in the future.

Do I like this or not?
  • Investigator

The investigator is new to the world of anime, either a dealer friend (see dealer) recommended something or they stumbled into the anime world all by themselves.

Investigators tend to watch the most popular anime to get a feel of the medium. Sometimes they just scrape the surface and stay there, only watching anime that is considered to be good. They don’t really buy into the fandom at this stage, they are just checking out the market.

You can identify an investigator by their questions. Investigators tend to ask a lot of questions and ask for recommendations.

There are three things could happen during this stage. One, they decide anime isn’t for them and don’t become a part of the fandom. Two, they find out they like anime but still stick to the popular titles like Death Note or Attack on Titan. Three, they discover they love anime and become hooked.


  • Addict

This is when someone has accepted anime into their heart and joins the fandom.

This stage is the most diverse as there is a full spectrum of what kind of fan people become. Some are casual fans while others become full blown otakus.

Addicts can be found in the manga section of libraries and bookshops. This is the type of fan who creates fan-works and is active in the fandom from organising meets to discussing anime in forums.


  • Dealer

If anime is a drug, then these guys are drug dealers.

Dealers are fans who love anime so much that they are constantly trying to get friends and family to watch it. They are persistent and will not stop until they successfully convert someone into the anime cult.

Dealers also try to get other anime fans to watch their favourite anime.

Tactics include, recommendations, bringing a ton of anime DVDs to get togethers and straight up begging.

They may seem a bit pushy, but they mean well.


  • Preacher

Preachers are passionate about anime. So passionate that they will lecture you about the wonders of anime at any and all chances they get.

Something important is on the news? Forget that, anime! Trying to tell them something personal and you want their advice? Chances are your story will trigger a memory from that anime they are obsessed with and the lecture has began.

Do not get preachers confused with defenders. Preachers are a bit more chilled than defenders and they do know when to stop talking about anime. Defenders will jump to the defence if they think you are insulting anime. They will defend their waifus and husbandos to the bitter end.


  • Professor

Professors don’t just watch anime, they analyse it.

These fans obsess over the tiniest details and examine every line of dialogue. For them, half of the fun of anime is creating fan theories. They are the ones who start debates in forums and spend hours researching.

Many have made Youtube channels and blogs dedicated to putting out content, mostly editorials and reviews.

Some even lose sleep researching and writing trying not to miss a single deadline, even abandoning many important chores and responsibility to do so. Who needs social interaction and sunlight when you could write about anime culture?

Oh wait. That’s what I do.

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