Disboard = utopia


I think all of us in the anime community have taken part in the discussion of which anime world would you want to live in at least once. It is always a fun topic to talk about. Also, you get to understand someone better when you learn about their ideal world.

However, with the upcoming US election and the media going nuts over Donald Trump I realized something. People are worried that he might become president, but there is one anime world where that could never happen. In fact, there is a world in anime that is my idea of utopia.

Disboard, from No Game No Life.

Think about it, it is a world with no violence or crime and is ruled by the outcome of games. You can get into a position of power by winning games. Heck, you could become God if you beat him! It is a world where the only limit is your affinity for games.Thing is, to be good at games you need to be a strategic thinker.

Basically, you have to be somewhat intelligent. Perhaps not geniuses like protagonists Sora and Shiro, but have sharp enough to outwit your opponents. So, what does this mean for Trump?

I think a lot of us can agree that the guy is a total idiot. He is just a bloated egomaniac.He is the bully in the playground who gets away with being an ass because his dad has money. . Do you think a person with any working brain cells would say that building a wall will solve immigration? For a guy obsessed with China, he fails to remember that the wall only served to bait the Mongolians to attack them more. I still laugh at fart jokes, yet I think I am more mature than he is

My vote goes to these two

Idiots like Trump simply would not be able to win enough games to get into any powerful position in Disboard. After all, in Disboard your intelligence is your most valuable asset. Sure, you might be born into money and power, but if you are reckless (like Trump) you will lose it fast.

Who would you rather lead your country, two intelligent individuals who give it their all and have bested God himself, or a guy that bankrupted his companies no less than six times and says nonsense such as “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!”?

As a bonus, Disboard has Angels, Elves, Nekos and magic. Hand down, Disboard wins.


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