Mentionable Manga: Today’s Cerberus


What do you get when you combine mythology, cute girls and a likeable protagonist? Today’s Cerberus.

Today’s Cerberus is about Chiaki when he was little he was bitten by a dog and ever since he can’t feel joy as part of his soul was chipped off. Years later, a girl shows up in his mail claiming to be Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the underworld in Greek mythology. Now she wants to be Chiaki’s guard dog because his father asked her to look out for him.

Your dad sent you a waifu, nice! Best dad ever!

Turns out, the three different heads are separate people who share a body. The hyperactive and innocent Kuro, powerful and aggressive Shirogane and the shy but sweet Roze (my personal favourite of the three). Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

I love mythology and I like harem anime and manga. So Today’s Cerberus is right up my alley.

Perhaps the biggest troupe in this genre is the oblivious protagonist. However, in Today’s Cerberus it makes sense. Well, a little bit. Since Chiaki can’t experience happiness he struggles to understand other people. Not to mention, in terms of personality compared to other protagonists he has a fairly well-rounded one. As much as I love Monster Musume, that anime didn’t even bother with the protagonist’s name. Seriously, his name is only used once in the whole series!

My waifu!<3

In comparison, Chiaki is a far more likeable character which makes the series more engaging. This might just be the Autism talking, but I can really relate to him. I know what it is like to not understand other people and feel like an outcast because of it.

At certain points in the story, I feel like I have gone through the exact same situation. Well, my dad has never given me a waifu, just said Autism. Sorry, you didn’t click this review to hear me talk about myself. I’ll get back on topic.

For a harem manga, Today’s Cerberus has a genuinely interesting story, at least later on. With every new character introduced the plot thickens (in more ways than one!)

Speaking of characters, no harem would be complete without a group of lovely ladies that grow in number in almost every volume.

I have already mentioned the three Cerberus, and going into the other characters does tread into spoiler territory. Also, if I go into more detail about the three Cerberus that might give away certain plot twists. What I will say is that there are more to these girls than meets the eye. Then again, this is a harem and that is normally the case.


In terms of fan-service there isn’t a lot, at least compared to other titles. You have your classic panty shots every now and then but it’s mostly fluff or moderately safe for work. There might be more in later volumes that goes a bit further. As of now, it’s hardly Highschool DxD, Sorry to disappoint.

However, mythology fans rejoice. This series is full to the brim with mythical creatures from all over the world including Japanese, Norse and Greek mythology. It is a lot of fun trying to guess who or what might pop up next.

To sum up, Today’s Cerberus has it all. With fighting, comedy and drama it is an overall cute series with some heartbreaking moments. If you are looking for a new harem series, I recommend this title. The characters are lovable and the comedy is rather well done.

Give a dog a bone and check it out.

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