New Obsession: Mob Psycho 100

MOB-PSYCHO-100-BLOGWith the runaway success of One Punch Man, there must have been some pressure on Mob Psycho 100 to do as well as its spiritual (get it?) predecessor.

However, with amazing animation, interesting characters and side splitting comedy, Mob Psycho 100 is a fantastic anime in its own right. If you like One Punch Man you are going to love Mob Psycho 100.

In case you don’t know, Mob Psycho 100 was written by ONE, the writer of One Punch Man. I think ONE has a thing for numbers and emotionless protagonists. That being said, the two are quite different. Firstly, the animation in Mob Psycho 100 is closer to ONE’s original artwork. The show is also a bit smaller in scale, focusing on the protagonist Kageyama Shigeo AKA Mob, his Con Man ‘Teacher’ Reigen Arataka and the students at his school.


Mob Psycho 100 is set in a world full of ghosts, spirits and phantoms. Mob is a gifted psychic with an immense amount of psychic power. He is a force to be reckoned with. Once his trapped up emotions reach 100 you better run.

At the risk of sounding weird, Mob is so adorable! He is a precious cinnamon roll. He gives each and everything he does his all. When you find out more about him and his past, it is kind of tragic. I just want to give him a big hug!

Mob is the student of Reigen, who is a Con Man. He claims to be a psychic but really has Mob do all the work. Normally, I hate con characters but Reigen is an exception. How he hasn’t blown his cover yet is beyond me. He is constantly being called out but just manages to save his skin in the last second. There is no limit to what he will do and force Mob to do in order to pull off a con.

Like I said, the animation is great. There is something captivating in the way characters move, but the animation truly shines when it comes to the fighting. You have got explosions, multicoloured lights everywhere and a real sense of urgency. I know that it is often the case, but the opening is so badass! I keep humming the song, in fact I was humming it while writing this! Not to mention the comedy is fantastic. The timing and deadpan delivery is done so well. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of slapstick?


Admittedly I was apprehensive at first, I have been burned by hype before. However, by the end of the first episode I was hooked. This is my favourite anime of this season so far. With action, comedy and a whole lot of charm, you need to watch Mob Psycho 100. 

At time of writing Mob Psycho 100 is ongoing and is available on Crunchyroll.


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