New Obsession: Pokémon GO


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Pokémon GO has pretty much taken over the world at this point. Every time you log into Facebook, there are hundreds of Pokémon GO statuses (is that the right word?). It has even been on the news and talk shows.

Before you say it. Yes, I am part of the problem.

This app has made me look dumber than I already am. There is no subtle way to walk around a busy city waving a phone around and changing directions every five seconds. Not to mention the unreliable nature of the servers.

On a personal note, my phone is brand new, only released last month, but it can’t use the AR function. I don’t mind too much, but it does suck.


Outside of its problems, it gave us something every Pokénerd has dreamed about. Real life Pokémon. Or at least the closest we will ever get to real life Pokémon.

The game is perfect for Pokénerds old and new, with easy but addictive gameplay. I don’t quite get why they decided to make the three teams, Valour, Mystic and Instinct yet it has grown on me. Team Mystic for the win! Go Blue!

Outside of the issues I mentioned before, there is a big problem that Pokémon GO has had since its release. Humans. Parent groups are complaining about the dangers of the game and there has been more media coverage of this game than any other App I can think of. Not a day goes by without something Pokémon GO related has made the news. Take today’s story as an example, an 18 year old was shot while playing the game.


Lets not forget the multiple times Pokémon GO trainers have found dead bodies. One was found yesterday in Denmark. It worries me that Pokémon GO users have found more bodies than the police.

Even my own mum is complaining about the so called dangers of the game, according to her some kids have left their parents sides to find Pokémon only to get hurt. To that I say, the parents need to keep a better eye on their kids! It reminds me of when parents complain about movies like Deadpool or games like GTA, yet they were the ones who took them to see it and bought the game for them. Your kids are your responsibility, don’t blame anything or anyone else!

Despite the negative things I have talked about, I really do love this game. It is a ton of fun.



6 thoughts on “New Obsession: Pokémon GO

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  1. I started playing yesterday, a few days after the game was released in my country – curse my non-compatible smartphone – and I have already walked so much looking for Pokémon that it’s hard to believe I am the sort than never leaves the house. X) It is an amazing thing for increasing one’s motivation and general activity levels.

    About the bad things that have happened because of the game…well, I think it should be pretty safe if you just use your common sense. Looking both ways before you cross the street, being in a group if you go out at night and suspecting any calls for gatherings at weird places, that sort of precautions go without saying.
    Furthermore, there are dangers in many activities, if not in most of them. I think the news makes it sound worse than it is, because Pokémon GO sounds like an odd concept to a lot of people and they are quick to demonize it.

    As for finding dead bodies… I think the police in those places must not be searching very hard for missing people if they cannot find them when random citizens just randomly stumble upon them. Eh.


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