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New Obession: Re:ZERO-Starting Life in Another World-


Me waiting for the next episode

Studio White Fox seems to have a fondness for time travel stories.

Originally I was going to wait for the Light Novel to come out, but I have so many Light Novels to read I decided just to watch the anime instead.

Bad mistake.

The thing is, since the series is still ongoing, the episodes are released one at a time. Not to mention that  Re:ZERO tends to end episodes either on a cliffhanger, something incredibly emotional or both. This makes the wait for the next episode even worse and almost painful. At time of writing there are only 11 episodes available with the 12th arriving on Crunchyroll today at 6:35pm BST.

Re:ZERO is extremely hard to talk about without major spoilers, but I will do my best to describe this anime. Subaru is transported to a magical world while out shopping. After is initial freak-out, he meets a white haired girl. He takes a liking to her after she helps him, promising to keep her safe. Even if he has to die several times over, he will do it.

This anime is the most intense anime I have seen in a while. With gruesome deaths in almost every episode. You see, the protagonist Subaru Natsuki can travel back in time. However, to do this, he has to die. Believe me, he dies a lot. What is worst than dying? Coming back to life only to find everyone you interacted with forgot you. Ouch.



Subaru is an oddly relatable character, despite his power and the situation he is in. A NEET with a witty sense of humour. He is also a shut in, yet he works out and knows the basics of fighting. So he isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill shut in. He is ally likable, so it makes his struggles and challenges make such an impact on the viewer. The other characters are great, but in order to describe them I would dive into spoiler territory and this anime is best experienced blind. All I will say is Subaru and Puck are my favourite characters.

Something I love in particular about Re:ZERO is the jabs at the ‘hero summoned to another world’ genre in anime. It also creates a good reason why Subaru can’t tell anyone about his power. This might be a bit redundant, but I feel like I should warn you that it gets pretty gory in certain episodes.

What? A show about a guy who dies a lot contains gore? You must be joking! Seriously though, I don’t know why I didn’t expect it. Still, just a heads up if you aren’t a fan of gore.

I highly recommend this anime. If you like Steins;Gate you will enjoy this anime. It has it all; fantasy, drama and comedy.

Re:ZERO is available on Crunchyroll.







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