New Obsession: Assassination Classroom


I’m pretty sure most of us have daydreamed of fighting that one teacher in School that you hated. Imagine if not only are you encouraged to kill them, but you are being trained to and if you do you will be paid for doing so.

That is more or less the plot of Assassination Classroom.

I have been an anime fan for quite some time now, but I have never seen an anime that cuts to the chase so quickly. Normally the first episode tells you bits and bobs but its not until the second or third episode that the story really gets going. First episode, hey kids! You see this yellow guy? Yeah, he will be your teacher for this year, you have until you graduate to kill him or else he will destroy the earth.

Everybody got that?


While the plot is rather simple, since I basically summed up the show in one sentence, that is most certainly not the case with the characters.

Let’s start off with the target, Kuro Sensei. This guy is too cute! Which is weird, since he destroyed 70% of the moon and we are meant to root for the students to kill him.

Despite his plans to destroy the world, he takes his temporary role as teacher extremely seriously. Kuro Sensei seems to genuinely care about his students. He goes out of his way to motivate them. When students from other classes pick on his students, he creates interesting ways to get back at them, normally dragging the rest of the class into the shenanigans.  Not what you would expect from the antagonist. He is more of an anti-hero than a straight up villain.


We might be here a while if I list all of his abilities, so I’ll stick to the main ones. He is unbelievably fast, his top speed is Mach 20 (20 times the speed of sound or 6,805.8 meters/second), he can fly and is highly intelligent. While he is shown in more of a comedic light for most of the series, he can be intimidating or downright menacing. He is the villain, after all.

Kuro Sensei isn’t the only interesting character, each of the students get a shot in the spotlight so I’m not quite sure who the main character. I would guess that its Nagisa Shiota.


Nagisa is a sharp and observant guy, he is also my second favourite character (my favourite is Kuro Sensei). At first he seems like he is the show’s straight man, though pretty early on in the show we learn that is far from the case. While he may not look like it, he is a gifted assassin as well as a gifted student. No spoilers, but lets just say there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. Then again, this is an anime we are talking about, character reveals as well as twists and turns are common place.

There are plenty of awesome characters, such as the two assassination teachers Tadaomi Karasuma and Irina Jelavić but I want to talk about the rest of the anime and I don’t want to make this ramble too long. I have a limit. So I’ll introduce you to Karma and then move on.


Karma Akabane, from what I can gather is one of the most popular characters, I can see why. Karma was expelled before the anime starts, but was given the chance to come back in order to assassinate Kuro Sensei. He reminds me of Izaya from Durarara, albeit a toned down version. Karma is a cunning and quick witted fighter, he also it a bit of a prankster. He particularly enjoys baiting Kuro Sensei.

Alright, on to the anime over all.

Assassination Classroom gets pretty dark at times, mostly during scenes of character backgrounds and involving side villains, particularly Gakuhō Asano. Asano is the principle of the School, and a giant ass. However, if I talked about him I would get into spoiler territory and that is just as dangerous! Like most anime it goes back and forth from comedy to heartbreak and back.


This anime has now become one of my favourites, which fantastic characters, well written story and interesting twists I can’t recommend Assassination Classroom highly enough. Assassination Classroom is available for streaming in sub and dub on Funimation Now.





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  1. It’s amazing how well the show works with such a simple plot, but it is the characterisation and the way they continue to evolve that hooks viewers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this anime.

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