Yearning for Yanderes


We all have a preference of what traits we want in romantic partners. Usually it’s things like a good sense of humour and understanding nature. Possessive and killing capabilities aren’t normally on that list. Then why are so many people into yanderes?

If you’re reading this, chance are you know what a yandere is. Just to be safe, like many japanese words or phrases yandere doesn’t have an exact translation. It’s made of two Japanese words, yanderu meaning to be sick and deredere in this case meaning lovestruck. Put that together and you get sick love.

Yanderes are characters in anime and other works of japanese fiction, who are cute females that turn out to be insane. They don’t fall in love like other people, they become obsessed. They will kill anyone who tries to get close to the object of their affection. They will lie, trick, kidnap, torture and stalk their love. In some cases they even kill the person they are in love with, so they will never have to part. Heck, sometimes they eat their lover to truly become one.

Quite the catch.

giphyOver the years, I have seen the popularity of yanderes grow. Just look at all the Yandere Simulator lets plays there are on YouTube. Perhaps the most famous yandere is Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. That anime came out five years ago and is still as disturbing now as it was back then. I watched the show to see what all the fuss was about. It’s a great anime, but really messed up.

Yuno is the perfect example of a yandere. Cute, sweet but secretly willing and able to kill anyone. Yuno is obsessed with Yuki, she will do anything to make her love her and keep him safe. Including, but not limited to killing all of his friends, manipulating him and even kidnapping him. Wifey material right there.


Apparently there are quite a few people out there who would date a yandere. To be honest, I am one of them. Probably not the safest relationship to be in, but hey! It probably won’t happen. Just for the record, if I disappear of of the face of this earth, it might be because my yandere girlfriend killed or kidnapped me. Send help!

Honestly, I have no idea why others find yanderes attractive. I couldn’t find a concrete answer while researching. I have a couple of ideas. The most logical one I can think of is dominance. You see, you can look at yanderes in two different ways. One is that the yandere is submissive and the other that they are the dominate one.


Yanderes will do anything for their lover, nothing is out of the question. So they can be seen as submissive. On the other hand, some people like the idea of being dominated, why do you think BDSM is a thing? So to them, the yandere is dominate. Its a matter of which interpretation you prefer. At least, that is my theory.

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  1. This type of character disturbs me. That doesn’t mean I don’t find the shows they are in entertaining but fundamentally there seems to be something wrong with someone who doesn’t consider consequences ot themselves when acting. Thanks for your views on this topic.


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