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Lesser-known anime recommendations

One thing that annoys me about anime is that since there is a lot out there, quite often anime I love don’t get enough love in the west. Instead of complaining, I decided to do my best to bring these three amazing anime into the spotlight.

  • Osomatsu-San


I wrote a whole ramble about this anime and why I adore it so much, so I’ll keep this entry brief.

This hysterical anime is about the lives of the Matsuno sextuplets and all the crazy hijinks they get pulled into. This is my personal favourite anime on this list, as I can relate to the sibling shenanigans. Not to mention, the characters in this show are amazing. Apparently Osomatsu-San is bigger than One Punch Man in Japan, yet it doesn’t seem to be as popular here in the West, which is a shame.

It’s hard for me to talk about Osomatsu-San without repeating what I have already said in the previous ramble, so please read my Osomatsu-San  ramble for a better description of this one-of-a-kind anime.


  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers


While at first it seems like this anime is going to be a typical adventure anime, it takes a pretty sharp U-turn and becomes a suspenseful mystery.

As the name implies, every time the demon lord shows up, six heroes are chosen to defeat him. However, this time a seventh brave shows up. Someone in their number is an imposter. To make matters worse, they are trapped in a forest, unable to fight the demon lord until they can identify the enemy in their ranks. Paranoia ensues.

I genuinely didn’t see the twists coming.  This anime knows just what to do to keep the viewers on their toes. With interesting characters, intense action and some of the best pacing I have seen in quite some time, I highly recommend this anime. One thing I do dislike about this anime is that it ends on a cliffhanger, hinting at a second season. I personally hate it when this happens, but I do hope this anime does indeed get a second season.

  • Witch Craft Works


If I had just one word to describe this anime, it would be cute.

The anime is a gender-bent variant of the ‘damsel in distress and knight’ trope. Our protagonist Takamiya has a hidden power locked inside of him, which a group of evil Tower Witches want in order to… take over the world, I guess? It’s never really talked about. Takamiya is protected by his knight, Kagari. Kagari swears to protect her ‘princess’ at all costs.

Fun fact: There are only two significant male characters in this anime: Takamiya and this science wizard guy that only shows up twice. All of the other characters, good and bad, are female. The show is really cute, sweet and quite funny but nothing groundbreaking.

I will be the first to admit that this anime is pretty bland, but it’s the perfect show to watch in between shows, or if you just want to watch some cute fluff.



Growing up, Megan was that one kid at the back of class reading manga. Now, not much has changed except she started a blog. Basically, your typical geek (although she prefers the term Otaku)

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