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Top five weirdest crossovers

If I have learned anything from fandoms, it’s that fans love crossovers. That, and the fact that once you have joined a fandom, you can never escape with your sanity. Anyway, while some crossover fan arts and fanfictions make very little sense, some canon ones make even less sense. Today, we are going to count down the top five weirdest crossovers.

As usual, there are a couple of rules. Firstly, it has to be a proper crossover. By “proper crossover”, I mean both parties from the respected franchises must have worked on it together; so unexpected references do not count. Also, crossovers from the same universe don’t qualify, but if two different franchises are owned by the same company or are allied in some way, that does count. With all that said, let’s begin.

1) Rick and Morty kill the Simpsons

Out of all the crossovers on this list, this is the shortest and (in my opinion) the best. As usual, the Simpsons start the episode with their famous couch gag, however Rick and Morty accidentally kill them. The rest of the gag gets split between Morty on a mission to resurrect the Simpsons while Rick just messes around with the Simpsons’ house and their stuff. That is pretty much it.

2) Star Trek and Green Lantern


This crossover was a mini comic series which ran fairly recently. There are quite a lot of weird Star Trek crossovers I could have picked, but I decided to go with this one as it’s surprisingly good. It makes little sense, and the hinted sequel makes even less so, but it’s still a decent crossover.

Basically, after a major defeat the lanterns get teleported into the Star Trek universe, where they team up with the crew of The Enterprise as Uhura, Chekov and Bones get rings.

I will admit I am not a Green Lantern fan, and I only know the basics. That said, it was still a pretty fun comic.

3) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters


This crossover hit me right in the childhood. Two of my favourite franchises coming together and fighting side by side.

This one has the most plot in terms of why the crossover is happening – but who really cares? It gives you what you want. Although, I will be honest, the whole possession of Casey reminds me that he is perhaps one of the most useless characters in the TMNT universe. Even April pulls her weight, but Casey? Nope!

The plot of this crossover is actually weirdly intricate. Turns out Krang made a deal with an immortal called Kitsune back in the Muromachi period in Japan. Kitsune’s brother shows up, and Krang kicks him into a portal that leads to New York, but the turtles messed up with their new portal… thing, which takes them to the Ghostbusters universe. Again, it is hinted that there might be a sequel, but I highly doubt it.

4) Archie vs Predator


Like Star Trek, Archie has had a lot of crossovers over the years. From Punisher, to even TMNT. However, the weirdest in my opinion was with Predator.

I am not a big Predator fan, nor an Archie fan but I fail to see what connects these two universes. With the others on this list, you can see a couple of similarities but I still can’t find one for this pair up.




5) Ultimate Spiderman and JessieSpider-Man_and_Jessie_in_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Season_3_14

Now this, this is the worst crossover on this list. It makes no sense bringing these two universes together. The hell were you thinking, Disney?

Ultimate Spiderman is a pretty good Spiderman cartoon on Disney XD, while Jessie is about a young nanny who looks after three rich kids. Outside of them both being owned by the mouse, there is nothing these shows have in common. They target polar opposite demographics, so why even have a crossover episode?

The plot is basically, some witch shows up in Ultimate Spiderman and the kids and nanny from Jessie team up to take her down. Did I mention that Jessie is a live action comedy with canned laughter? Yeah, guess how well these shows gel. Spoiler, they don’t!

Bonus: Not-So-Weird Crossover

Some people complained when Phineas and Ferb teamed up with the Marvel heroes, but that worked so much better as it was believable in that universe. Not to mention, it catered to the same demographic.



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