What not to say to anime fans


Whether you are addicted to anime – or know someone who is – we can all agree on one thing: anime is weird, and the fans can be weirder at times. Not to mention, anime fans will get mad at you if you say certain phrases to them. Myself included!

So anime fans, send a link of this ramble to your friends and family who don’t quite understand anime.

To parents, siblings and friends of anime fans, listen up. Consider this a lesson on how to communicate with anime fans.

#1) You know they aren’t real, right? They are just cartoons.

In other news, water is wet

First off, contrary to popular belief (and what memes and cringe videos will tell you) we know that the characters we love are, indeed, fictional.

What really annoys me about this is that for the most part, it only seems to be anime fans who deal with this, at least to this extreme. Fans of books, movies and TV shows seem to get a free pass because of the fact that the characters are live action. Fans of anime and western animation (such as Disney) get judged much more harshly, since in the west animation is seen as a kids’ thing. Speaking of which:

#2) Isn’t anime for kids?


No! For crying out loud, no! You see, anime is a form of media. Like all kinds of media, there are different types for different demographics. True, there are anime like Pokémon that are aimed at children, but that is like saying all movies are for children and all books are for adults.

Many popular anime series touch upon subjects like sexuality, insanity and over the top violence. Needless to say these are things young children shouldn’t be exposed to.

There are countless anime I could namedrop but I have chosen to stick to the Rule of Three. The first one is Corpse Party: Tortured Souls in which young teens and children are brutally murdered in graphic detail.

tumblr_mrdubxYvwV1qzqnxxo1_500 (1)

Then there is Future Diary, in which thirteen people are given diaries that predict the future and are told to kill everyone else. If that wasn’t bad enough, it contains rape, murder, stalking, kidnapping and psychological torture.

My personal favourite is Shimoneta: a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist. The title only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the level of insanity this anime has. Basically, everything related to sex is illegal and a perverted terrorist organisation rises to teach teens about the birds and the bees.

#3) Your wifey doesn’t exist

It’s waifu, if you are going to pick a fight then get the term right.

Again, we know, but let us live our fantasy. Let’s be honest, we have all gone through a phase in which we have had crushes on fictional characters.

#4) Wait, anime isn’t cartoons? What’s the difference?


God, this is perhaps the worst question to ask. Not because of the question itself. To answer this question, basically anime is Japanese animation and it is different to western animation as it gets away with more than the west can.

Thing is, there is a fair amount of debate on what makes an anime, an anime. I am not going to discuss this in this ramble because it deserves a ramble all to itself. My personal definition is that it needs to be made in Japan to count as an anime. Also, if you ask someone this question, chances are they will answer with a lecture. For your own safety, never ask if something is an anime. Just google it.

#5) Isn’t anime kinda pervy?

Some fans get a bit defensive if you ask this, so I’m going to set the record straight. Yes, yes it is.

Of course not all anime is pervy, but many anime have fan service moments or full on episodes just to show the characters in bikinis. In fact there is an anime genre called Ecchi, which is pretty much anime dedicated to nothing but fan service. Like I said, not all anime is like this.

I hope this helped. If you want to see a part two of this, you think I missed something out, or have a suggestion for Part Two, email me at nerdrambles@gmail.com, message me on Facebook or comment below.

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