Batman Vs Superman review

Warning, this ramble contains minor spoilers. Nothing big but if you want to see this movie blind, then don’t read this ramble.

Now that’s out of the way, this movie is hilarious.

giphy.gifI’m not kidding, me and my mates were laughing so much during the movie I am genuinely surprised that we didn’t get asked to leave. This movie is so bad, that it’s almost a comedic masterpiece. From the idiotic plot, to the flimsy dialogue and these pointless dream sequences, I found it impossible not to laugh.

Let’s start with what I consider to be the three good elements of this movie. First up, Wonder Woman. While she didn’t get a ton of screen time, she definitely made an impact. I like what they have done with her character. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in the near future.

tumblr_nmz5yfT7or1sna39no1_500 (1)

The second good aspect of this movie is Batman. I really enjoyed this version of Batman. Ben Affleck, I want to apologise for whining about you being cast as dark knight. You are better Batman than I expected, way better than Bale (in my humble opinion). Good job, Affleck. Keep it up!

Right, the last good thing, in my opinion, is Lex Luthor. Or at least Lex Luthor Jr. I have always found Lex an extremely one note and dull character. He always came across as a diet Obadiah Stane. In this version, he is totally insane. I know that some long-time fans will say that this isn’t true to the original character but as someone who is not a Superman fan, I thought he was an interesting villain.

giphy (1)Honestly, if my friends hadn’t asked me to go see this film with them, I probably would have skipped it. I was planning to, as I haven’t seen man of steel. Why? Like I said, I am not a Superman fan. If anything, I kinda hate Superman. I have always found him to be a extremely bland character. Needless to say, he is pretty dull in this version too. More than I expected, since the other heroes are far more interesting it makes him look blander by comparison.

The plot of this film is so generic yet complicated. There are three subplots yet no main plot. Also, bit of a pet peeve, but for a movie called Batman Vs Superman the real fight only lasts for around five minutes.

giphy (2)

The most annoying aspect are these random dream sequences that happens four times in the movie. They don’t even add anything to the story. They are just kind of there.

As a big Batman fan, I am so sick of his origin story being in every one of his films. We get it, his parents are dead! It has become a meme at this point, you don’t need to remind us! In the comics that might have been his origin, but it is no longer the only reason he does what he does. Batman believes he is one of the only people who can make a difference, so he does that.

I can’t recommend this movie to anyone in good conscience. There are good elements, but they are not worth the price of admission, at least in my opinion. Check it out when it pops up on Netflix or on TV, but don’t see it in cinema. You will regret buying a ticket.


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