I asked online what people wanted me to write about and this got the most votes, oh boy. I knew at one point or another I would have to write about this topic, but now that day has finally come. I have never been so awkward while writing before.


Let’s start at the beginning. What is a weeaboo? The word is ultimately derived from the phrase “wannabe Japanese”. Though, there are different levels which for the sake for time and to make this more readable, we will give each level a different title.

  • Low – normal
  • Medium – Weeb
  • High – Weeaboo

Normal levels are just fans of manga and anime, they don’t really care for Japanese culture. Weebs love anime and manga, but that is just the start. They also are interested in the culture of Japan and want to learn more and visit. Weebs often use terms like “notice me senpai” and “Kawaii desu ne” as inside jokes with friends. Weeaboos believe they know everything about Japan and have convinced themselves that they are going to live in Japan once they learn the language. They can go even further, by using makeup to look Japanese and identifying themselves as Japanese.

When your white friend starts saying they’re “Japanese now”

I’m not going to lie, I’m writing this in cosplay right now. By the time you read this Rai Con would have been yesterday, but I write my rambles at least a day in advance. So I’m in my Rikka cosplay the night before Rai Con writing about weeaboos. How did my life lead me to this moment? Looking at you, best friend since first year of High school. You know who you are, and you know that you sent me down this path.

If I had to say what level I am, I would say I’m a solid Weeb. In my High school days I was a full on weeaboo, ask previously mentioned friend, but then I learned something.

Weeaboos, are pretty racist.

Not Donald Trump racist, more like diet racism. No matter what way you cut it. It is racism and rather offensive. It does come from a place of ignorance, as I’m pretty sure that if weeaboos knew just how offensive their actions are they would probably change their ways.

As a white person I don’t think I have any right to say what is offensive to other races. So I’ll let these two gents tell you more about how weeaboos disrespect the Japanese culture. Introducing Einshine and The Anime man.

I feel I should defend weeaboos to an extent. After all, Japan has something similar. It’s called Ganguro, Yamanba, and Manba. For the sake of time, lets just focus on the one you have probably heard of, Gaguro. Ganguro is literally translated as “Black Faced Girls” and if you watch a lot of anime, chances are you have seen them before. There even was one in the Teen Titans movie, and in one episode of Pokémon Jesse and James donned Ganguro styled disguises.

Classic example of Ganguro girls in Durarara

Ganguro is a street fashion in Japan in which girls wear orange or brown foundation, bleach or dye their hair. It has been called racist as it is more or less blackface.  Like weeaboo, it isn’t racist in the same way as Trump (sorry, I couldn’t think of a better example) nor is the black face used in the same way that it was a few decades ago.

Before you think I’m giving weeaboos a free pass, nope! You see, there is one key difference between weeaboos and Ganguro Girls. It’s the intention behind it.

Ganguro Girls don’t think they know everything about black culture, in fact it barley has to do with black people in that regard. To them it’s just their fashion choice. Nothing more, nothing less. However, extreme weeaboos like VA believe that they not only “know” Japan and its culture, but that what they are doing isn’t racist nor has the potential to insult others.

I’m just waiting for Tumbr to respond to this. Excuse me while I find a place to hide.

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There is no hiding from Tumbr



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