Top five worst mothers in fiction

Today is Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate all the hard work and sacrifices our mothers have made for us over the years. Most mothers are understanding, caring and will do anything for their kids. However this isn’t always the case.

I honestly considered making a list of the best mothers in fiction, but that would have been too sappy, and frankly, dull. So, let’s look at the worst mothers in fiction instead!

Two quick rules: to qualify for this list, the mum needs to be named in order to be shamed. Therefore, mums who deliver one line and are never mentioned again, or mums who are never seen, don’t count. This means characters like Sora’s mum from Kingdom Hearts don’t count – even though her child was building a raft to run away and she seemed to be none the wiser. Keep an eye on your kid, woman!

The other rule might be a bit more obvious, but they need to be a mother to count. Step mothers do count, but having “mother” in their name doesn’t work. I would love to put the Other Mother from Coraline on this list, but technically she isn’t a “real” mum. Well, none of them are real mums, but you know what I mean.

Here we go, ranked from 5 to “Jeremy Kyle would have a field day”, the top five worst mothers in fiction!


#5 The mothers in Pokémon.

We all saw this one coming.

Originally, I was just going to throw shade at Diane Ketchum, but that would be a bit unfair. Honestly, all of the parents in the Pokémon world suck. What kind of mum lets their ten-year-old go off on an adventure by themselves in a world where dangerous monsters not only exist, but are also used as weapons? To prove my point, I’ll just mention that Ash has technically died twice, and numerous young Pokémon trainers have been kidnapped in the anime. Oh, and Ash was possessed in one episode. Enough said.

#4 Linda Stotch, South Park

When it comes to South Park, most of the parents are rather bad at this whole parenting thing. I was spoiled for choice. For me, it was between Linda Stotch and Liane Cartman. I decided to go with Linda, as although Liane may be a pretty bad mum, she does try to be a better parent every now and again.


Linda, on the other hand… yikes. While it is clear that she does love Butters, she isn’t really all there. She and her husband abuse Butters, and at one point she even gets Butters to spy on his father. When he reports what he saw she drives Butters into a lake and leaves him there to drown. Add constant groundings for every little thing Butters does, and sometimes doesn’t do, and you get this terrible mother.

#3 Margaret White, from Carrie.

You knew she was going to be on this list.


The embodiment of religious control, Margaret dictates every part of Carrie’s life. She claims that Carrie’s very existence as a woman is a sin, and locks her up whenever she does anything even remotely against the Bible. Carrie was subjected to this treatment pretty much since the day she was born. I was going to put Margaret higher on this list, but it was too obvious.

#2 Medusa, from Soul Eater.


I can’t really say much about this mum, as it would give away some pretty big spoilers. All I can say is that she uses her child like a pawn, and has been called one of the most evil characters in anime.




#1 Zira, from The Lion King II.



At first, I was going to go with Lady Tremaine. But then I remembered this crazy cat.

Zira is the leader of the outsiders and she is someone you don’t want to mess with. She is quite possibly the most violent female Disney character. She threatens a cub, for crying out loud.

She had three children, and once she found out that one of the sons was being nice to a “pridelander”, she started yelling at him, then tried to use him to get to Simba’s daughter so he could kill Simba at her bidding. Her lullaby might just be the most gruesome song in all of Disney’s movies.

Her other son gets crushed to death, and she instantly blames the first one for not killing Simba. When offered help, she chooses death instead. Cheery.



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