Top five unappreciated characters

When you watch or read something chances are you are drawn to a certain character. Maybe this is just me, but often the character I’m drawn to is either a secondary or background character. Or the show creates a great character but they are reduced to a one-shot character. That really annoys me. So, here is my list for the top five characters who should have gotten way more screen time.

#5 Izaya Orihara, from Durarara!!

Out of all these characters, Izaya has the most screen time. He is technically a main character however, I still want to see a lot more of him. He is so interesting and unpredictable. Every time he is on screen he steals the show. The way he talks about humans, his almost childlike glee and his intimidating presence is unlike any character I have ever seen.



What can I say, he is my favourite character in the anime. It seems that I have a thing for manipulative masterminds, who knew. Anyway, he is such a blast to watch. If you haven’t seen Durarara!! you are missing out. Check it out when you have got a free moment.

#4 Queen Chrysalis, from My Little Pony.

Of all the villains in My Little Pony, my personal favourite was Queen Chrysalis. How can you not love such a manipulative strategist like her? When you get down to it, her plan was pretty brilliant. So why has she only been in three episodes? True, she has had a bit more attention in the comics, but honestly I don’t really read the comics.  I want to see more of her! There are so many things you can do with a character like this, it would be a waste to not use her more often.

171669 - animated Chrysalis.gif

Think about it. Imagine an episode about ponies being replaced with changelings and everyone becoming paranoid. Or the mane six trying to reform her. Oh, oh! What about a showdown between her and Discord. See, endless possibilities!


#4 Amanda Grayson, from Star Trek.

As someone who genuinely enjoyed the last two Star Trek movies, the one thing I really dislike is what they did with this character. Amanda is Spock’s human mother, and a well-rounded character. In the original series she was kind and patient but had her limits. She also was witty, telling Bones about Spock’s childhood pet to embarrass her son. Not to mention she doesn’t take anyone’s nonsense. She is one of my favourite characters in Star Trek.

So, what did JJ Abrams do? Kill her off, of course. He seems to like killing off parents and parental figures in his films. Thing is, Amanda deserved better than this. It was such a waste of a good character.

#2 Angel De La Muerte, from Saints Row The Third.

As much as I praise the Saints Row games for the amazing cast of characters, because of the large cast some don’t get enough screen time. Angel is one of those characters. He is a badass and likeable, unlike his ex ring partner Killbane. Angel forces you to drive around with a tiger in the car, yeah, a tiger. He makes you suffer to make you stronger. After you take down Killbane’s reputation, we don’t see him unless you choose killing Killbane over Saving Shandi.


For someone who featured a lot in the promotional material, he wasn’t as big as he was build up to be. Of all the characters who don’t make it into Saints Row 4, Angel was one of the unlucky ones. He also barely gets any mention in that instalment despite all the work he did to help the boss in the third. Did I mention that he was voiced by Hulk Hogan?


#1 Baby Doll, from Batman.


Baby Doll was a character created by Paul Dini for Batman the animated series. She was an actress with a rare condition that made her body stop growing around five years old. Because of this, she is constantly being looked down on and treated like a child despite the fact she is an intelligent woman. She was the star of a sit com but quit the show to try to become a serious actress, guess how well that turned out.

For a show that had so many interesting villains I was gutted that Baby Doll only started in two episodes. She was a fantastic character and rather intimidating villain. I know the reason behind this is most likely that they couldn’t show Batman beating up a five year old, or at least someone who looked five. Outside of a reference in Batman brave and the bold she hasn’t been in any other media. DC needs to use this character more!


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