Steam Powered: Danganronpa

Finally! Danganronpa is on Steam! I have been dying to play this game for ages. Actually, I have wanted to play this game for around three years ever since a pal introduced me to the series.

Danganronpa can be summed up rather simply. Think Ace Attorney and Battle Royale had a love child that was raised by Tim Burton. While I think that is  a pretty accurate description of the game, I will go into more detail.

You play as Makoto Naegi, an average student who gets picked to attend Hope’s Peak Academy, the best school in Japan if not the world. Only the best of the best are permitted to learn in the hallowed halls of this Academy – except for one person picked at random every year. This year, Naegi was the lucky student. At least, he thought he was.

Now he is trapped inside Hope’s Peak Academy with other students. They are then informed by the principal, Monokuma, that the only way to graduate and leave is to kill another student and get away with it. To do so, they must hold a class trial when a body is discovered. If they vote for the real murderer, only the murderer is executed. However, if they vote for someone else all but the murderer are brutally executed and the murderer walks free.


The game was originally released back in 2014 on PlayStation Vita and already has two sequels, an anime and manga series and even a stage play in Japan.

One interesting spoiler-free fact about the game, is that the developers were told to either censor the gory bodies or the game would be given an 18 rating, meaning it would not be sold in some countries. So, what did they do? Replace red blood with florescent pink blood. In my opinion, that is even more horrifying!

In the game, everyone has a title, like Super High School Level Model, or Super High School Level Nerd. In preparation for this games arriving on Steam, I have made my own Danganronpa ID.

danganronpa ID
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

With Danganronpa coming to Steam it isn’t a surprise that Spike Chunsoft has announced that the other games in the series are going to arrive on Steam later on. However, they haven’t specified when. I suspect it will be either later this year or next year.

I have seen the anime and played part of the game on my friends console but I really wanted to play it properly. Now, I can finally do just that! The second college ends today I am sprinting home to download it.

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