Top five Gateway anime

As an anime fan, I have been asked every now and again for anime recommendations. There is a wide selection of anime genres to choose from, not to mention sub-genres. So much so that it can be overwhelming and confusing to newcomers. That isn’t even touching the weird aspects of anime that put a lot of people off. So, here is my top 5 anime for non-anime fans to get you started on your journey into the world of anime.

5 Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions


We have all had embarrassing phases in our lives, some more so than others.

In Japan there is a slang term for young people who convince themselves that they have immense hidden power and otherworldly knowledge called Chunibyo.

Yuta is determined to put his past as a Chunibyo behind him, but his classmate Rikka isn’t so keen to give up on her fantasy. I have talked a bit about this anime in “Delusions of the past” but I have become obsessed with this show.This anime balances comedy, character development and emotional moments perfectly, not to mention the relatable cast you just can’t help but love.


4 Haikyuu!!



In recent years, sports animes have become more and more popular. The best, in my humble opinion, is Haikyuu!!. The show is about a boy’s volleyball team trying to move up in the ranks. While most characters get their turn in the spotlight, the main character Hinata is the heart of the show. We see him grow as well as his classmate Kageyama.

It might not sound interesting but the relatable characters and their determination make you root for them. A funny and rather inspirational anime.


3 Tokyo Ghoul



This anime is not for the faint of heart.

After being attacked by a ghoul, a human looking creature that lives off human flesh, Kaneki Ken becomes half human half ghoul. Struggling to survive yet keep his humanity while he faces constant danger from both sides.

This is a rather disturbing anime, but if you can handle the violence and gore you will definitely enjoy this series.

2 Cowboy BeBop


Cowboy BeBop is one of the animes that showed the western world anime is not just for children. Cowboy BeBop follows a rag tag team of bounty hunters catching criminals and trying to scrape a meagre living.

While the premise might sound simple, there is a lot going on in this show. It bounces from comedy to gritty action.

1 Death note


Death note is perhaps one of the most popular anime series of all time. Light Yamagi finds a notebook that, if you write someone’s name in it, they die. Light uses this power to kill criminals who have escaped justice. The public name this“God” punishing the wicked Kira. The police call in the world’s greatest detective, L, to catch the killer Kira and bring him to justice.

The whole show discusses morals and the justice system in an interesting way, outside of that the anime is a battle of wits with two geniuses playing a big game of cat and mouse. Intense and brilliant, just like the main charters. A must watch.

Did I recommend an anime you like, or is there an anime you think should have been on this list? Please, help me out by doing a quick survey.


I want to thank all of you who did the survey! It is still open so if you want to feel free to answer the survey. I had to do it for my Journalism Online Reporting class, so I set up a survey on survey monkey and created three questions. Again, thanks for your help!


I really want to share some of the great responses I received, so here we go.

Out of all the people who took the survey, 40.00% say they watch anime extremely often, 20.00% said they watch it very often, another 20.00% said they watch anime moderately often, 6.67% said they watch it slightly often and 13.33% said they watch anime not at all often.

I asked what anime they would recommend for non anime fans, here are the best answers.

“Probably something that they were aware of as a child but didn’t know fell under the “anime” category such as pokémon, dragonball z or cardcaptor sakura”

“Say I Love You (Romance), Angel Beats (Drama), Steins;Gate (Sci-fi), Sabagebu (Comedy), Another (Horror), Psycho-pass (Mystery/Suspense), Seitokei Yakuindomo (Ecchi), Sakura Trick (Ecchi), Is the Order a Rabbit? (Moe), it all depends on what type of shows and movies I know the person likes.”

Kinda goes without saying, but you guys have good taste!

“Attack on Titan (widespread appeal and easy for people to get into and actually find) Fate/Zero (Great action show with fantastic story writing, jaw dropping animation and great characters to root for) Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day (A great romance anime that centers on the nostalgia one has for their childhood. Also can make grown men cry) Tiger and Bunny (Unique take on super heroes that super hero buffs could really sink their teeth into) Fullmetal Alchemist Original then Brotherhood (Not much to say besides they’re both outstanding series’ with fantastic worldbuilding, characters and despite being long they follow an overall plot that is resolved in the end) Steins;Gate (Sci-fi fans will love the themes of time-travel and humour not to mention fantastic writing)”

yoko_bye_by_ice_do-d4atc9x                                                                                          Thanks for the great answers! Now, if you excuse me, I have to get back to work trying to convince my classmates to watch anime.

2 thoughts on “Top five Gateway anime

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  1. I have someone who is willing to give it a shot, but he is calling it stupid and says it doesn’t make sense. I only get one shot to get him into anime but I’m not entirely sure witch one to show him I’m leaning towards cowboy bebop but id like some outside input as well.


    1. I would say Bebop or Death Note.

      In this situation I would recommend Death Note more as it has less of the “weirder” anime tropes than Bebop. Also, you could show him the live action movies rather than the anime. If he likes it he can move onto anime from there.


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