Top five Nerdy Christmas specials

It’s the month of my second favourite holiday, finally! I am all prepared for this year, I have my Christmas jumper (Fallout, duh), Candy cane lane candle and a pile of Christmas movies to watch on repeat.

So, as with Halloween this month is going to be all about Christmas, what specials to watch and avoid at all costs, best movies and game recommendations. Let’s start off on a high note, with the top five best geeky Christmas specials!

#5 He-Man and She-Ra: “A Christmas Special”

Who doesn’t like a side order of camp at Christmas? I’m not exactly a massive He-Man fan, but I really enjoy this episode. It’s stupid and pointless, but in all the right ways. In the episode, they are celebrating Prince Adam’s and Princess Aroura’s birthday and their mother says how the decorations remind her of Christmas, since apparently she is from earth. This hadn’t been mentioned before nor is it ever brought up again. Skeletor’s heart grew three sizes that day. It’s cute and campy and that’s just about it, really. Not much to it, but I felt it was worth mentioning.


#4 Doctor Who and Sherlock

I decided to bundle all the Doctor Who specials in one, since I could easily do a top ten on just Doctor Who specials. Also, I didn’t feel right giving Sherlock its own spot as this list is of the best and since it hasn’t aired we don’t know if it lives up to the hype, but I couldn’t do a list of specials without mentioning it.

The Doctor who specials have become bigger every year, they are almost like mini movies at this point. With such high stakes and interesting characters. Let’s hope this year’s lives up to the legacy.


#3 Animaniacs: “A Very Special Opening/Christmas Plotz”

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the Animaniacs? They brought laughs and cheer all year round and still entertain us when we grew up. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a title like this, lots of light-hearted laughs and Christmas cheer.

#2 Rick and Morty “Anatomy Park”

I’m not going to lie, I have been rewatching this episode constantly, mostly because the next session is coming out in 2017 and I need more Rick and Morty in my life. Like most Rick and Morty episodes, there are two storylines going on in this episode, one being Morty traveling inside a human body to rescue a friend of Rick’s and save Anatomy Park. The other is about Jerry wanting a nice, tech free family Christmas. Neither of these two things go to plan, after all it is Rick and Morty we are talking about here. This episode is the most adult and in my less than humble opinion, the funniest. I did want to put this at number one, but I felt I couldn’t justify giving it that title as much as I love it.


That’s because the number one spot goes to *drumroll*

#1 Batman the Animated Series: “Christmas with the Joker”

This might be the nostalgia talking, but this episode is a masterpiece. The Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, Vicky Vale and Harvey Bullock and taunts Batman to find them. This episode is a great joy to watch. It’s not as funny as the others, but it is more interesting. True, you know how it’s going to end since it is only the second episode in the season. Think about it, this is The Joker’s first appearance in the show, and it’s the Christmas episode.  For an introduction to Batman’s arch enemy, this is possibly the best way to do it. That, and it gave us that great song. tumblr_me66l9Kjik1qcj7k0o2_r1_250 (1).gif   tumblr_me66l9Kjik1qcj7k0o1_r2_250.gif



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