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Hype Kills

We have all experienced it. It always starts off small, like a friend saying “have you watched that show? You really should!” Then the fandom starts, after that the internet goes nuts about it. Everyone starts claiming it’s the best thing to ever exist. You hear all these amazing things about it and decide to check it out. 9/10 times it disappoints you.


This is why I have never watched Game of Thrones. Or ever will, for that matter.

As you have seen from my other articles, I’m not exactly a hipster. I watch, read and play most of the big mainstream blockbusters. So don’t think that I don’t watch Game of Thrones because “it’s too mainstream” or any other lame excuses like that. No, the real reason is the show is way too hyped. That and the internet has spoiled ever other plot twist, thanks Tumblr!

no-hypeHype does way more harm than good. You hear nothing but how it’s the best thing ever so you naturally start to think it’s going to be amazing. You finally get the book, borrow a copy of the game or a friend sends you a link to a pirated copy online and prepare yourself for the awesomeness. The experience is often lukewarm at best.

When everyone was obsessed with breaking bad, to say I was sceptical would be an understatement. After months of “Why haven’t you seen it? You a wimp or something? Hipster!” I finally caved and picked up a copy of the DVD at my college library. I only made it through four episodes before I called it quits. I returned the DVD the next day. Honestly, the best word to describe the show IN MY OPINION is boring. The show did nothing but bore me. After I told some people that I fell asleep while watching it, they scolded me. Informing me that “you have to wait, it gets a lot better.” Yeah, no. I mean sure, I could have kept watching a show that did nothing for me, or I could watch something I actually enjoyed. Tough choice.

It’s impossible to avoid hype. Whether it’s ads, friends or Tumblr it’s everywhere. Not to mention annoying. Everyone likes different things. Some like fantasy, some like Sci Fi. It’s all a matter of personal taste. I personally prefer Star Trek to Star Wars. I like Pokémon, not Digimon. I enjoy puzzle games over first person shooter games. That’s my taste. You can be the exact opposite. Good for you, do what you like. Just don’t tell Tumblr.

Property of

A good way to find out if a hyped book, game or show is right for you ask a friend. I was unsure about playing Mass Effect so I discussed it with one of my best friends who is a massive BioWare fan. We came to the concussion that I would, so I got a copy at CEX and started playing. I really liked it.

Hype is annoying, no one is denying that, but for the most part these shows get overhyped because of the fans trying to get it to be more successful. It’s understandable. After all, we all do it. I use to go around saying “You need to watch Gravity Falls! RIGHT NOW!” Of course I don’t do that anymore, instead I’m constantly begging my friends to watch Rick and Morty. It worked with one friend but the season two finale hit her pretty hard, that and the third season won’t be out for at least a year.

We are all guilty of hyping shows we love, but we need to understand how irritating it can get. Think before you hype!



Growing up, Megan was that one kid at the back of class reading manga. Now, not much has changed except she started a blog. Basically, your typical geek (although she prefers the term Otaku)

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