New Obsession; Rick and Morty

As an Autistic, I get obsessed easily. It’s not good for my college work nor my bank account, but it happens way too often. So, I have decided to start a mini-series about any new obsessions I get. As you have read from the title, this is about a certain Adult Swim animated series called Rick and Morty.

Like a lot of obsessions, I discovered this gem while on YouTube. I found a few clips of a show called Rick and Morty and became obsessed right away.

The show is about alcoholic genius Rick Sanchez and his not so genius grandson Morty Smith going on adventures in space and different dimensions. It is filled with pop culture references and Sci Fi parodies. In fact, almost every title is a parody.

The show balances crude humour with dark moments and great character development. It can even be rather touching at times.

The standout element has to be the title characters and their relationship. Rick is a cynical jerk who seems to not care about anyone or anything besides himself, while Morty is a naïve optimistic 14 year old who gets dragged along for the ride. The banter between the two is priceless.

This has to be one of my favourite shows. Unfortunately the third season isn’t out yet, and the release deadline is yet to be confirmed. For me, this is heart breaking as I adore this show.

If you like Sci Fi, parody and crude humour, then this is the show for you. If you have some free time check it out. You won’t regret it!

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