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Fallout 4

Perhaps one of the most anticipated games this year, Fallout 4 is only a few days away. I can’t wait! I have my game preordered, bought the Fallout Christmas jumper and have downloaded the three apps Bethesda have released. Being an overseer is harder than it looks, apparently.

The Fallout franchise is beloved in the hearts of gamers all over the world, and for good reason. Fallout brings a unique and immersive experience.

The game also has unexpected twists and allows the player to decide where the story goes and how they impact this world. Far more compelling than collect items and save a princess.

What is great about the game is that you play as yourself, making the game more immersive. When you play a game like The Last of Us you play as a set character with their own personality.

With Fallout you are the lone wanderer and the decisions you make effect the lives of others and therefore the wasteland. Say you let someone die, that will effect how others act towards you.

If you side with one group, you get shunned by another group. Every little thing you say and do adds up in one way or another.

The Karma system is also a good edition to the game. As you know, if you steal or lie your karma decreases. If you help others you gain karma. This not only impacts how people react to you, but also what companions you can get.

I wonder if there is a Vault 666?
I wonder if there is a Vault 666?

I talked with my friend and fellow fallout fan, Eepee, about the games.

“I love the way Bethesda handle RPGs, fallout 3 exemplifies all the best bits, totally free roam, great story lines, loads of side quests, plots within plots and the control over who you become, your choices change the games outcome, dialogue and progression, so you can play a different story each time by making different choices.

Also the way they took a shooter and made it playable for people like me who are awful at shooter games is incredible, the VATS system makes fighting in the wasteland so much more fun for me.

"Nice view, huh pal?"
“Nice view, huh pal?”

Bethesda know how to put together an RPG its almost addictive, even after the main storyline, after the DLC storylines the side quests, the chance you’ve missed something always keeps you coming back for more, the VATS system has made combat easier to master and the NPCs and stories are so well developed you almost build up an attachment to them.

You feel like your are part of it and that’s a huge thing for a game to be a world you can completely be a part of, fallout 3 especially absolutely nailed that and at that is how it made a huge impact for me.

I hope that they have gone more towards fallout 3 in the way the game plays out, I’m hoping for well thought out NPCs and storylines, smooth game play and hopefully very little in the way of bugs and glitches, which is a tall order.

Mostly I hope they have managed to maintain everything that was great about fallout 3 while taking advantage of the huge advancements made technology.

Fallout was a game changer, and hopefully FO4 will be everything they have said it will be. The game has some pretty deep underlying concepts and messages that are worth trying to understand when you play it. It’s part of what makes it so great and it’s why it will always be my all-time favourite game.”



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