Perfect Blue Review

Here it is, the last Halloween review this year. I’ve got my costume sorted (Captain Haddock from Tintin) picked out the movies and got the sweets. I might have to get more as I ate most of them already. Enough about me and my bad eating habits, let’s review Perfect Blue.perfect-blue.379

Perfect Blue is a psychological horror/thriller directed by Satoshi Kon and won three awards. Well-deserved might I add.

The film is about a young woman called Mia, who changes her career from a pop icon to serious actress. Things take a turn when she gets threats from a stalker and is haunted by the ghost of her past.

The movie was released in 1997, at a time when many still had unanswered questions and paranoia surrounding the internet. This movie address many of these fears.

In terms of the actual story, it gets rather confusing. In fact, the movie is a bit of a mind fuck. You have no idea where the plot is going, just when you think you have figured it out BAM, new development.

Perhaps the best aspect of this movie outside of the story is the animation. The film was intended to be live action but financial issues occurred and at the time it was cheaper to do cell animation than live action. This however works extremely well to benefit the movie, as you can tell what is real and what isn’t.

The film has been said to be like if Hitchcock made an anime film. It has also been compared to a more recent movie, Black Swan.

Perfect Blue

A word of warning, this movie is not for the faint of heart, there are rape scenes and gory deaths on top of a suspenseful and unsettling film.

However, if you can handle it I highly recommend this film. It’s disturbing but brilliant.

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