Yami Shibai Review

Yami Shibai or Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is pretty much everything you would ever want in a Halloween anime. It’s short in more ways than one, different and most importantly scary. At least for me. I’m not ashamed of it, I am a wimp and scared way too easily. Ask anyone who went to the London dungeons with me, I spent most of my time there hiding behind people or screaming with my eyes closed. But enough about me, I’m sure you aren’t interested in that. On to the review!


As you might have figured out by the title of this anime, it is about Japanese ghost and occult stories which Japan is famous for. Well, that and giant monsters. Yami Shibai is based on the kamishibai traditional storytelling technique inspired by the artistic usage of paper figures and scrolls. It kind of reminds me of the cut scenes in Alice Madness Returns. The detail of the animation such as the shading and colouring really adds to the creepy tone of the series.

Each episode is around four minutes long and there are only 13 episodes, making this a great anime to marathon one dark night. Or during the day, who am I to judge how you watch anime? Hell, watch in at the back of a dull class if you want. Just try not to get caught.


The anime is available for free on Crunchyroll and doesn’t have a dub, sorry dub fans. If you enjoy this anime there are a couple of live action Japanese shows similar to this if you want more creepy Japanese tales. One of these shows is Ghost Stories from Japan, there are over a hundred episodes which similar to Yami Shibai are only five minutes long. The acting can go Shatner at times, the effects are unbelievably cheesy and the stories make little to no sense and in some cases aren’t even creepy. So why recommend this? Simple. It’s an enjoyable mess. Like the next anime to be reviewed.

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