Tokyo Ghoul review

Perhaps one of the most popular anime series recently, Tokyo Ghoul is another great title to watch this Halloween season. What can I say about this anime that hasn’t already been said? It was so popular that I lost count of how many Kaneki cosplayers alone went to this year’s MCM comic con (myself included).

For the two of you who don’t know, the story is about average student Kaneki Ken who gets attacked by a ghoul, a creature that lives off human flesh, resulting in him becoming half human half ghoul when her organs are transplanted into him. Kaneki has to learn how to control is new found hunger and to hide in plain sight from Doves, an organisation which will stop at nothing to exterminate all ghouls. With enemies on both sides Kaneki has a lot to learn in little time.

This is one emotional anime, we see the human and ghoul victims’ constantly and are never told these are the good guys and those are the villains. Both sides have innocents doing what they believe to be the right thing, and both have some people who are straight up nasty. I don’t want to spoil anything with this anime as the twists and turns play a key role. The characters are interesting and you want to find out what happens to them as no one is safe in this show. The animation is fantastic and matches the mood perfectly as does the music.

A point of contention is the second season of the anime. The first is loyal to the original manga but it splits in a different way. Many fans dislike the second season for that reason. However, at time of writing, only the first season is available on Netflix. If you haven’t then you need to watch this anime!

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