Empire of Corpses review

Before we begin I want to apologise for my Tokyo Ghoul review being late. Personal issues occurred which prevented me from working on it on Saturday and I was busy on Sunday. However, I was able to go to the premiere of Empire of Corpses, so as an apology I will post the Tokyo Ghoul review this Thursday and give you this extra review as an apology. That, and I really wanted to talk about this movie.


Empire of Corpses is one of the many movies in this year’s Scotland loves Animation. Why it’s not called Scotland loves Anime is beyond me. This film is an adaptation of the book by the same name, written by Project Itoh but unfortunate he passed away only 30 pages into the book. It was finished by Toh Enjoe with the help of Itoh’s notes.

The film is a blend of steampunk, horror and action starting famous fictional and historical characters. The story follows a young medical student John Watson and his corpse Friday. In the film, corpses are reanimated bodies that serve as Soldiers and hard labourers. Corpses have no free will, can’t speak and are thought to be brainless. Watson gets roped into the hunt to find the notes of the famous Doctor Frankenstein, the first corpse engineer and the creator of the only corpse to have the ability to speak and free will.


Now admittedly the film has moments that take you out of the flow a bit with some of the characters, what I mean is every now and again a character from fact or fiction comes along and you sit there and think to yourself, “Did they really just do that?” Also, there are so many plot twists you would think that M Night Shyamalan was involved. There are a lot of fading to black in the third act that feels like the fake out endings in the lord of the rings. However, it is still a fun movie. The animation is beautiful and the designs are gorgeous. Also, there is a fair amount of Ingrish which adds to the charm of this film. Thanks to the twist you have no idea where this is going. There is a theme of wanting to talk to someone but not being able to which I can’t help but feel could be a metaphor for Toh Enjoe wishing to discuss the book with Project Itoh. It’s just a theory.

This is kind of like an anime version of once upon a time mixed with steampunk. That is probably the best way to describe this movie in just one sentence. All in all this is a great film, seeing it in a room filled with anime fans certainly made it a memorial experience. If you get the chance, check it out.

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