Princess Resurrection Review

It’s that beautiful time of year again. When we can coat ourselves in blood (preferably fake) and walk around town like that free from judgement. Well, a bit less than usual. Speaking of blood, let’s get started in the first anime perfect for this spooky season. Princess Resurrection.


The story starts off with our protagonist, Hiro, arriving in a new town to live with his older sister after she gets a job as a maid at a mansion. Shortly after finding the mansion abandoned he gets crushed trying to save a girl. He is pronounced dead moments later. That was a short anime! Obviously it doesn’t end there. The girl turns out to be a Royal, who has the ability to bring the dead back to life to serve her, the title makes since now, doesn’t it? Hiro, now half immortal has to serve and protect the Princess Hime for the rest of his life. If she dies, he will die soon after as he needs the flame of life only Royals can bestow.

This is a fun simple show with great visuals. Like most anime it bounces from action to comedy very well. Also like many anime titles out there, there is a lot of fan service. Nothing to explicit but a fair amount none the less. Despite the constant fighting in the show there is little to no blood. In the manga however the violence is much more graphic. The biggest difference is in the manga, it’s Hime’s blood that grants half immortality, in the anime it’s the flame of life which is a kind of spell… I guess. They never really explain it, in fact they barely explain anything in this show. Also the half breed werewolf’s name changes from Liza in the dub to Riza in the sub, but honestly that doesn’t really matter. From time to time animes need to be toned down in comparison to the original manga and sorry to you gore hounds, but that applies to this anime as well. However if you really want gore then watch the 3 episode OVA. It has better animation as well as more gore.


Everything about this anime screams HALLOWEEN. From the art style to the somewhat predictable story. This anime can get pretty formulaic every now and again but it is still enjoyable to watch, particularly this time of year. The plot is really easy to follow and there are only a few main characters unlike other series *chough* Game of Thrones *chough* and they keep the characters quite simple and almost archetypal such as the seemingly cold rich girl, the wild and tough tomboy and the dense somewhat innocent boy. If you’re a fan of anime with a rich world, diverse and interesting characters and suspenseful storytelling then I am sorry, this is not your anime. You are probably more likely to prefer an anime such as Tokyo Ghoul. *Chough* Sunday’s review *chough*. Huh, I should really get something for that.

Overall this is a good anime to watch and I recommend streaming it rather than buying it. In terms of sub or dub, I personally lean to the dub as the child voice actors sound a bit odd and it adds to the humour of the show. That and I prefer dub over sub. If you want more gore then check out the OVA.

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