Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Review

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is the latest in the popular Nintendo series, which has only grown in popularity since its debut in 2001. This is a step away from the usual Animal Crossing formula, but is that a good thing?

In Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer you are the latest Nook’s Homes employee and your new job is to design homes and facilities in the unnamed town. And… that’s about it.

The game is, like all Animal Crossing games, adorable and the gameplay itself is fun and does allow you to get creative but this is arguably the first Animal Crossing game with something resembling a story or at the very least a plot. One of Animal Crossing’s strong points is that it is an open ended game, well to be honest the games don’t really end. Take something like Portal, sure it’s a lot of fun and you do feel like you achieved something but there is nothing that allows you to continue the game, nor is there any replay value. Unless you count trying to teach a parent or grandparent how to play it and get frustrated because IT IS SO OBVIOUS WHERE THE PORTAL GOES, OLD MAN!

With this game there is a lot of creativity but another part of Animal Crossing’s charm is interacting with town members and seeing your town grow. There is a bit of interaction but not as much as the other games.

There is an online feature that allows you to show off your rooms and get rated, but what it really does is show you how much your rooms suck compared to better players who have more time and creativity than you do. There is also no player interaction outside of rating each other’s rooms

To my knowledge, this is the first 3DS title that has amiibo compatibility. Unless you have one of the more recent 3DSs then you are going to have to fork over extra to get that feature. At the moment you use amiibo cards to interact with your favourite characters, or the characters you dislike because that’s the only cards you have. The game gives you one card but if you want to collect them all, like many out there do, prepare to cough up more cash. The cards come in packs of three with one special card in each which cost £5 per pack. Not to mention there are four series with 100 card in each. For the fans of the amiibo figurines Isabel proudly states on the info card that there will be Animal Crossing amiibo for the game coming soon. Oh joy.  I can already see money leaping out of my wallet.

Over all, the game is kind of pretty but pointless. Sure, it is fun but it’s hardly ground breaking or that exciting. Like the franchise itself it’s a cute little pointless game to kill time. If you are a diehard fan of this franchise then you would most likely enjoy this game. If you are not then skip it. Chances are you won’t get the in jokes nor find it that interesting.

I don’t know if you have noticed but there seems to be some event coming up. Costume shops are popping up left and right, weird sweets and decorations are on supermarket shelves and everyone is humming spooky scary skeletons. Am I missing something? Oh yeah. IT’S HALLOWEEN MONTH! A time for coating everything in fake blood, creeping out everyone in range more than usual and demanding sweets from strangers. Is there truly a better time of year? Well, as you might have guessed I will be reviewing some gruesome great anime and freaky films to get you into the spooky mood this Hallows eve. Starting with the first one this Thursday, Princesses Resurrection.

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