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Gotham review

As a Batman fan I was ecstatic when it was announced that there will be a live action Batman tv show. One problem, there was no Batman. Unlike other Batman tv shows and cartoons this was to focus on a younger James Gordon as he starts his new job as police officer in Gotham. During which he meets the interesting characters that call Gotham home.

This show does not disappoint, nor beat about the bush. In the first episode we not only see the brutal murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne in front of their young son, but also meet characters fans know and love before they become who we know. The story is written very well. I swear in some scenes you could cut the tension with a knife. It’s pacing is good and the look of the show is dark, grimy and gritty. Perfect.

The best part is, of course, the characters. Not only do we get fan favourites like Gordon and Bruce Wayne, but also some original characters like Fish Mooney. Fish holds her own when she in on screen, she is manipulative, strong willed and aggressive. I thought I would hate this character but no, she surprised me. This is due to the great writing and the impressive performance from Jada Pinkett Smith. My personal favourite character is Edward Nygma, known by Batman fans as the Riddler. We have seen many different adaptations with this character but this has to be one of my favourites. Cory Michael Smith does a fantastic job of bringing Nygma to life.

I only have one issue with the show, and that is just down to my personal tastes. I hate Harvey Bullock. Donal Logue, like all the other actors, does a good job. My issue is that I have always hated this character. Watching Batman the animated series I grew to hate him. He is loud mouthed and doesn’t take criticism or people standing up to him, and is sexist. So having him as a main character really irritates me. Knowing that he will be in every episode gets to me.

However, that is my only issue. The rest of the show is brilliant. It’s creative and brings new elements to the Batman universe while also staying loyal to the source material. Even if you are not a Batman or even comic book fan, I could not recommend this higher. If you have not seen it yet, then watch it as soon as you can. It is more than worth it.



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